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The App „Schifter“ for iPhone, iPod and iPad enables you to quickly and easily calculate the setting angles of your saw required
for jack rafter cuts (double angle cuts or double mitre cuts). These cuts are mainly used in wood construction. The position of the
workpiece on the saw is also being determined and displayed. Here you will find prior information and examples on this topic.
The handling, tips and additional advice are given in the detailed manual of the App.

The animation shows the meaning of the result symbols. The function to be used is displayed in the result field against a green background.
This prototype of a roof and the icosahedron were calculated with the help of Schifter and then cut with the sliding compound mitre saw
shown in the animation.

Example 1 pavilion:
If you enter the inclination of the beams (18.55°) and the number of the hip rafters (four), you will find that the inclination angle of the
saw blade needs to be 13° and the mitre angle 43.472°. The result field next to the icon with the red arrow turns green and therefore,
the workpiece will have to be parallel to the saw blade (see animation and image 3). We recommend that you use a crosscut fence
whenever the workpiece is parallel to the saw blade (images 3 & 6).

Example 2 – roof beams:
Image 1: With an inclination oft he saw blade of 39.856°, the result has too many decimal digits. This angle can hardly be set on the small
scale of a sliding compound mitre saw. Therefore, there is the button "0.5°". Image 2: By pressing the button "0.5°", the inclination of the
saw blade is rounded up or down (in our case: 40.000°) and the inclination of the beams as well as the mitre are adjusted accordingly.
Thus, the inclination of the saw blade can be precisely set. Images 3 and 6 show a self-made tool with a 90° angle on either side for
attaching screw clamps. Image 4 shows the accurate result with an inclination of the beams of 65.373°.

Image 5: Manual input of the spread angle (the angle between two converging parts). Schifter calculates the appropriate sawing angle from
the spread and the gradient angles. Thus, the cutting areas match exactly. Image 7: Five-piece sawing sample.

This App has been designed to calculate the angle adjustments for mitres and inclinations on a mitre saw, a chop saw, a machine saw with a
3D crosscut fence or a sword saw. The number of beams can be specified between three and twenty.
Schifter is the German term for jack rafter. These are rafters that go towards a hip or a valley and have to be marked with two angles.
With the use of Schifter, this effort is no longer necessary. A quicker completion involving precise sawing results and thus a great accuracy
to fit: these are the purposes of Schifter. It can be used by anyone holding an iPhone and a sliding compound mitre saw right on the building.
simultaneous calculation of the mitre and inclination settings.


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This App is constantly being amended and upgraded. We would be delighted to receive your feedback that helps us improve (mail).
We wish you good luck and the best results with your sawing projects.

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